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A history built on experience and hard work...


  Belisle Machine & Tool was established in 1979 by Frank Belisle. The first building was a block building with approximately 3000 sq. feet, in this small building the reputation that built this business began with the focus on quality and customer satisfaction. Throughout the years we have grown and technology has changed but these principals still remain.
  Belisle Tool began as a precision grinding shop, producing tooling for the electric motor industry. Along with the precision tooling the company was given the opportunity to rebuild equipment for this industry as well, giving us the experience that would be a foundation for the equipment we design and produce today. It was in 1985 that the business started to change directions when a manufacturer of fractional rotors approached us with an opportunity to design and produce an automated machine to assemble rotors. The request was simple, a machine to produce quality rotors at a rate of one every 2-3 seconds. after a couple of years of trial and error the machine was perfected and became the first of 6 machines built for this company. This opportunity gave us the capital to begin building the facilities we now work out of and an additional direction to expand our business base.

  In 1988 we purchased property and began building a new facility at our current location. Since the initial facility of 10,000 sq. ft. was built we have added a 6,000 sq. ft fabrication shop and a 10,000 sq. ft. assembly building.
 Our business base has expanded as well, we have enjoyed a profitable relationship with the Aluminum mill industry and the pigment industry, where we have manufactured replacement equipment parts, provided repair services and designed simple equipment. The equipment we produce has expanded to the automotive industry where we have produced everything from palletized assembly lines to single station assembly machines.
  Even though we have been extremely fortunate we continue to expand our customer base and search for ways to better serve our existing customers.
  No history could be complete without recognizing those whose hard work and expertise have helped in building the business and reputation we enjoy today. Our employees offer the benefits of years of experience gained from years of dedication to their profession.


We are proud of our history but look forward to the future...

Belisle Machine & Tool, Inc. * 3430 Hwy 70 West  PO Box 238* Camden* TN * 38320
Phone: 731-584-8468