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Specialty machines have become a large part of our business. We have produced quality equipment for the automotive and other production industries...

Tubing Bender

      General Stand Alone Equipment
      Single station equipment designed and tooled to customer specs.
      Machinery built as simple or as complex as desired.

      Examples of equipment:

      Staking/Press machines, hydraulic powered and air intensification cylinders.
      Orbital Staking (Spinning) machines.
      Induction welders w/ X-Y table.




Multi-station Assembly Lines
We design and fabricate multiple station assembly lines for high volume production requirements. Our lines incorporate Bosch and Bosch style conveyor systems using assembly pallets to transfer parts from station to station. Tubular framework supports stations and conveyor systems for a rigid and structurally sound assembly line.
The assembly line stations include: staking, press, orbital staking (spinners), greasing and spring winding stations for assembly of parts; probe/ check stations and gauging stations to ensure quality and reduce scrap; operator stations for part assembly that provide an efficient and safe working enviroment.


Our lines are custom built to customer specifications. Years of experience allow us to provide assistance to our customers in determining the most cost effective and efficient way to produce their high volume assemblies.

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